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Under this roof, with this tower as the crown jewel, we are helping a client create an extraordinary office space. More Ace Hotel New York, less white on white monotony. A place where you take off your shoes when you enter, you pin memories and letters to the cork wall, and the kitchen is the heart and soul of the space. And you may or may not take the slide from one floor to another. Stay tuned!⠀⠀ Photo: @sarahleszinski /IARK⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ _________________________________________________ ⠀⠀

This is Dais, the stool/step designed by our new colleague Lars Olav/@gridydesign for Northern. We think this is a really goodlooking piece of furniture and we are also excited about the launch of @Northern as a furniture brand. It's always good to see Norwegian design make an impact. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Photo: @chrisopandertonnesen Styling: @perolavsolvberg⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ _______________________________________________⠀⠀

Meet Lars Olav, the newest member to our team. He took his MA in interior architecture and furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2011 and has since worked in both disciplines. He is one half of the design studio Gridy (@gridydesign), and recently launched a product for Norwegian furniture brand @northern.no. We will show it to you soon. At IARK he will work both with interiors and furniture. We are lucky to have him on board! ⠀ When Lars Olav isn't working he enjoys running, snowboarding, and climbing mountains.

While in Stockholm we were also lucky enough to get a tour of the Norwegian Embassy. Congratulations to our colleagues at @tegn3 for the beautiful work they have done with the renovations. Both the residence and the embassy were originally designed by Knut Knutsen in the 50s. His designs include the lamps, furniture and even the doorhandles. ⠀ 📷: Heidi Tolo/IARK

Back at the office after Stockholm Furniture Fair. Lots of great new furniture and inspiring use of colour and material this year. Thanks to @lindbak_interior for the trip! 📷: Kathrine Aarak/IARK _________________________________________________

Meet our new intern, Silje. She will stay with us until she starts working on her BA degree in interior design at Southampton Solent University after the summer. She studied at Høyskolen Kristiania in Trondheim the past two years, and has previously interned at IARK in the spring of 2016. Welcome back!⠀ When she isn't working she likes to be outdoors and enjoys baking.

IARK is working in Africa. We are currently receiving the first pictures of the renovation of the Norwegian Embassy in Bamako in Mali. As part of our framework agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have a number of projects in the pipeline that we are itching to show you. How do you like this shade of yellow?⠀⠀⠀ _________________________________________________

IARK in the Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre. One of our residential projects is featured on the front page with an 8 page article inside under the headline "In Symbiosis with Nature". That's a wonderful way to start our day! _____________________________________________

Work in progress. More often than not part of our job is to uncover the hidden history of a space, rather than just adding something new. ⠀ ⠀ Photo: @sarahleszinski /IARK⠀ ________________________________________________ ⠀

From the dusty archives into bright daylight. @nrk at Media City Bergen 📷: @niklashart _____________________________________________

At Media City Bergen 📷: @niklashart _____________________________________________