Media City Bergen
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IARK ble etablert i 2011 av noen av Norges mest erfarne interiørarkitekter, og består i dag av 30 engasjerte og kompetente medarbeidere. Vi leverer alt fra arbeidsplassutvikling til møbeldesign.

Sophus Bugges Hus

Varsom restaurering og bedre læringsmiljø

Media City Bergen

Skandinavias første medieklynge


Jernbanetomta på Lillestrøm

Kantinen hos Selvaag

En lun oase av farger og materialer

Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1

Klassiske lokaler i Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1

After a busy half year we are now taking a well deserved break. Have wonderful summer! See you in August.

We like to imagine that the employees at Kluge are enjoying a well deserved beer and playing some shuffleboard right now. Have a great weekend! Office by IARK, 2015 Photo: Stine Østby _________________________

Patrick is one of several interns at the moment and we are very lucky to have him. He is currently taking a break from the MA program in interior architecture at KHiO to work for us. He is also a master furniture maker and enjoys researching design from the neurological perspective. In his time off he likes to build things, jump from lighthouses, and watch football with his baby son. _____________________________

Fædrelandsvennen om livet i de nye lokaler

While we are watching House of Oslo being demolished from our office window, we are also busy designing interiors for the new Via that is going to take its place. Have a look at the modell at Nationaltheateret station if you get a chance! ____________________________________________

Summer party at the office today. Shrimps galore and sunshine on print

Say hi to Anders! He has been with IARK since the beginning and was made partner last year. He has specialized in organizational development through interior architecture, and is above average preoccupied with user involvement. An interior that has been designed without the inclusion of the future tenant can never fully succeed. In his time off Anders is a family man, and loves surfing, skating and football. Whenever an opportunity presents itself he tries to get out on the water, and nothing beats tandem surfing with his daughter Ella, 6. _______________________________________