Media City Bergen
Sparebanken Vest

IARK ble etablert i 2011 av noen av Norges mest erfarne interiørarkitekter, og består i dag av 30 engasjerte og kompetente medarbeidere. Vi leverer alt fra arbeidsplassutvikling til møbeldesign.

Sophus Bugges Hus

Varsom restaurering og bedre læringsmiljø

Media City Bergen

Skandinavias første medieklynge


Jernbanetomta på Lillestrøm

Kantinen hos Selvaag

En lun oase av farger og materialer

Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1

Klassiske lokaler i Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1

Today we went to photograph our project for Sivilombudsmannen and it was really great to see the whole building being used as intended. _________________________________________

Den Norske Embassaden i Bamako er ferdig

Our project for the Norwegian embassy in Bamako was recently finished. Artist Linn Pedersen ( @pedersen_linn ) was chosen by to provide the artwork for the embassy. Photography by Oumou Diarra Interior by @_iark _______________________________

Jorunn is part of our environmental group and cares deeply about the impact her design has on the environment. She is fascinated by the scope of our profession, from the overall layout to the tiniest details. Nothing beats the feeling of making a client happy. In her time off she enjoys growing things, sewing, and hanging out with her two daughters. ____________________________________________

Today we got to hear Obama speak at

The two remaining projects that made it into the NIL yearbook are both under the same roof. Bergens Tidene and NRK Hordaland are part of Media City Bergen, one of our largest projects in the near past. We really had to push boundaries trying to anticipate the day to day life of tomorrow in the field of media. Read more about them on pages 92 to 95 in the NIL yearbook or on our homepage. Photo: @niklashart ________________________________________

Heidi and Irene went to the opening of @computasas to night. We helped the company realize their vision for what an office can be. It was a colourful conclusion to colourful project 🎉. We are looking forward to show the interior soon. ________________________________________