last updated 22nd January

Skal gjøre statens lokaler enda bedre

Oslo Arkitekturtriennale

Kandidat til Oslo bys arkitekturpris 2019

Norske Ambassader i utlandet

Et strålende masterprosjekt

Gratulerer til Heidi og Iselin

Miljøsatsning i Universitetsgaten 7-9

Nye Galleri Oslo

Bergens største designtalenter: Frida Yggeseth i BT

BI-bygget på Brattøre har vunnet Eiendomsprisen 2018

Media City Bergen i Teknisk Ukeblad

Den Norske Embassaden i Bamako, Mali

Modernisering av OBOS hovedkvarter

Computas flytter til Oslo sentrum

Fedrelandsvennen om livet i de nye lokaler

Brattørkaia 16 på

Media City Bergen vant Cityprisen 2018

Thommessen flytter til VIA

Offisiell åpning av Media City Bergen

Da er grunnsteinen til SR Bank på plass!


BT is moving to Media City Bergen

Pop-up store at Aker Brygge, Oslo

IARK mentioned in the latest number of Scan Magazine

From bakery to commerce and offices

Legemiddelverket to Helsfyr

IARK mentioned in the latest number of IFI.NO:PROSJEKTER

Senab Eikeland moves in to Havnelageret (Oslo Harbour Warehouse)

New dining area for Selvaag

At NRK Nordland, the color palette is based on the nature - inspired by the sea, the steep mountainsides, the red boathouses, and the warm midnight sun. Read more about NRK Nordland on our website, link in bio @_iark

At NRK Innlandet (Hamar) we’ve been inspired by the local landscape and “the great light” in a poem by Rolf Jacobsen. The reference to local history and culture in the interior creates pride, and tells the story of why local journalism is important to a country like Norway. Read more about our NRK District projects on our website, link in bio @_iark

Green is the new black, and timber is the new concrete! We love being part of developing Norway’s most sustainable office building - all made of timber. Read about the project on our website! ____

Every day, all year around - and especially during Christmas🎅🏽 - NRK gives us great content, news and entertainment. We can honestly say that we loved working with them and portraying the local culture and history at their vibrant workplace. Read more on our website! ________

Orkla's beloved brands are our helpers in everyday life. We wanted brands like Grandiosa, Kornmo, Blenda and Stabburet to play more than an extra at Orkla's new workplace! See more photos on our webpage. ___________

..and not only do we do hair salons too, we also do cafés☕️🍽 Café Viken in Bergen is open for everyone ! _________

Pssst... We don’t just do office design! Check out the interior we did for @definenorge at Skøyen if you need a new haircut💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♂️ _________

There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes🖤 HAVE A WONDERFUL FRIDAY! _______

Historical painting blending in with all the new elements at Orkla’s Headquarter🎨🏢 _________ @niklashart 📷

Our Interns🍂 Emilie & Eira __________

A mix of new and old furniture in Orkla’s canteen🍽♻️🍃