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Interior architect MNIL

Graduated in 2004 from Bournemouth University

A Propos

With 7 years of professional experience as an interior designer in Norway and England, Yvonne Bjørgen has assisted a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors.



Yvonne Bjørgen AV

What is important to you as an interior designer?

To facilitate solutions that optimize both the client’s and users' surroundings in a way that gives them a positive, engaging and coherent experience of their every day working environment. It’s important to assist and involve the clients in a manner that gives them a sense of ownership, that way they will have a certain connection with the final result.

How would you describe your strengths?

I like to develop concepts, create coherence and identity, and enjoy a wide variety of tasks, from drawing and developing well thought out solutions to being in direct contact with the clients and people who implement the various elements within a project. I’m very thorough and place strong emphasis on monitoring details whilst gaining extensive knowledge about the projects and clients I work with.

Which aspects of your job do you appreciate the most?

The fact that I get to create functional and positive solutions for so many people and facilitate experiences that hopefully spice up their lives. And last, but by no means least, the fact that I get to perform a wide variety of tasks in my work, which are an important and endless source of inspiration and joy for me.