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Interior architect MNIL

Graduate of Griffith College Dublin, Ireland 2015

A Propos

Kathrine has made in-depth studies of Biophilic design. In her master’s degree she discussed ways of using the concept of Biophilia for the design of healthy and well-adapted homes for the elderly. She was awarded the Griffith College prize for «Best Academic Achievement 2015». Kathrine had three and a half years’ interior design experience before coming to IARK.



Kathrine Aarak BY

Mona Jacobsen

How can you use your studies of Biophilic design?

Biophilic design is about finding our way back to our origins by using nature in man-made environments. Nowadays we are indoors almost 90% of the time so it is more important than ever to create harmonious interiors with nature’s elements. Biophilic design has positive effects on our physical and mental state and can reduce both stress and the need for sick leave, and even increase productivity. This design approach can be integrated in most projects.

What is your motivation in the field of interior design?

As interior designer I believe I can make a difference for the environment. I can help make our clients environmentally conscious, and enable them to make the right choices regarding sustainable materials and solutions. Our profession is continually developing, and there is much to learn. I enjoy working with tomorrow’s workplaces; analysis, area efficiency, integration of new techniques, concepts and technology, all contributing to improving the working day. Very inspiring!