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Interior Architect MA

MA Interior Design, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, 2018. BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, 2015

A Propos

Hennie attended Art School in Florence and studied design at NABA in Milano, where she worked with retail and lighting design.



Hennie Heiss-Schøyen AV

Mona Jacobsen

What is important for you as an interior architect?

For me it is the interaction between people and spaces that is important. It's interesting how design contributes to the interaction. Behind design lies an entire process. It's not just about how a rooms looks, but about analyzing, studying and talking to the user. I have a lot of respect for the process, and without it we would never get a great result.

What do you prefer to work with?

In upper secondary school I focused on the natural sciences. The fact that I love to work with architectural plans may be kind of an extension of that choice. To create a well-functioning interior is a mathematical question, but also a creative one. The lines have to add up, and people have to perform to the maximum within the framework we have created. The theoretical and the practical are in symbiosis. And of course, I enjoy the variation in my work life, no two days are the same.