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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 1976 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen.

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Elisabeth Paus has been a key player in our academic community for over 25 years and has been involved in several of the most groundbreaking workspace development projects in Norway. She is in charge of our many user processes and keeps interaction and work procedures at the centre of her attention.



Elisabeth Paus AV

Jonas Parmann

What are your characteristics as an interior designer?

I’m inclined to focus on future work processes within an organization at an early stage, I search for possible solutions whilst in consultation with the client and then point out the conceptual direction we should move in to obtain what we are looking for. A major part of IARK’s strength comes as a consequence of us being very experienced. Our main task is to ask questions and help users to engage themselves in their own work processes, enabling us to identify the most suitable solutions for tomorrow.

What do you as CEO at IARK think are your most important priorities?

As the CEO, a big part of me believes that it’s important not to answer my employees with anything more than half sentences, to avoid saying too much. That way they must take responsibility themselves, cope with the challenges they come across and look for the right answers whilst using their own resources and initiative. In addition, a good CEO must be willing to hire people with greater or different skills and higher levels of competence than themselves. Our young, hungry and relatively newly qualified employees show enormous enthusiasm and will in time bypass most of us. To watch that developing is incredibly inspiring and worthwhile! If you instil confidence in people, along with the ability to succeed, success is what you will get in return.