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Finance and Administration Manager

BA in Management from the Norwegian Business School BI

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Wenche has many years of solid experience within economy and administration from both small and large companies, and from a variety of sectors. She likes that her work at IARK is so diverse.



Wenche Fornes BY

Mona Jacobsen

What does your job entail?

The CEO and I make up the administration of IARK. I have the overall responsibility that all aspects of economy and administration are met. Among other things that means approving time sheets together with our project managers, writing invoices, paying wages, improving efficiency, as well as implementing processes and routines, following up on insurance, and keeping the office in order. I am also the secretary of the company board. That means I prepare board meetings, send out documents, attend the board meetings, and write protocol.

How does it feel to be the only one who doesn't work with interior architecture?

It's really not a problem. My work is very independent. Within a certain framework I can do my work entirely as I see fit. In a job with a larger professional community I would work in a more specialized capacity. At IARK I work in a more holistic way, and I constantly aim to find smarter ways to do my job. In addition, I find that everyone respects my job, exactly as I respect theirs.