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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 2000 from Oslo National Academy of the Arts

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Thea Røhrt has over 10 years of professional experience in various types of projects. She has worked extensively with user processes, programming and facilitating offices for businesses adapting to change, and finds it particularly interesting to be involved in the analysis of buildings and their users. She has also participated in several competitions and marketing campaigns for hotels and commercial buildings.



Thea Røhrt AV

Jonas Parmann

What do you find most exciting as an interior designer?

I think it’s exhilarating to be involved in the analytical phase of a project, which is when we’re considering everything from an overall strategic point of view, and brainstorm together to establish a comprehensive picture of something that will work. During this phase we have complete communication with the people for whom the end result is meant, and that’s something I find utterly absorbing and worthwhile. There’s such an abundance of varied people and cultures, and I find it particularly interesting to identify who they are, how they work and in what manner they would prefer to be perceived from the outside. The approach when dealing with large and complex organizations is very different from smaller, more flexible companies that have a less extensive decision making process. Either way, when assisting clients at this stage, I find it very exciting, as our main task is basically always the same; to develop solutions that optimize the work process in collaboration with the people who will be occupying the premises after our job is complete.

You are environmentally responsible at IARK. How "green" are you?

Our intension is to be acutely aware in our selection of environmentally sound products. We use a large volume of assorted products and materials and put strong emphasis on what these products are made of and stand for. Our desire and goal is to be even better at this in the future. Such choices can make a big difference and have a considerable impact, therefore it’s important to have extensive knowledge in this field.