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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 1998 from Oslo Academy of the Arts

A Propos

Nina Sperling has 15 years of professional experience in various types of projects and has worked extensively with user processes, programming and facilitating offices for businesses adapting to change.



Nina Sperling AV

Jonas Parmann

How would you characterize yourself as an interior designer?

I’m well organized, diligent and have a good solid overview of the projects I manage. I believe I have a profound ability to communicate productively with clients, and I’m prepared to challenge them, along with grasping what they want. It’s important to me that the clients are satisfied and feel at home in the surroundings I have created for them. Clients must definitely establish an ownership with the premises and be able to settle in comfortably once we are finished with everything. I’m open and responsive, but won’t hesitate to ask critical questions and be frank if I think a choice we’ve made is not the right one, or in the client’s best interests. Sometimes it’s necessary to point out certain factors along the way, even if we are far into the development process.

What is important to you in the work you do?

The specialization IARK has acquired by designing inspiring, practical offices and workspaces is extremely important and motivating to me. As interior designers we can assist people in achieving a vibrant and more productive existence at work, with solutions that are sustainable and have longevity, handing over to the client a functional and aesthetic finished result. Personally, I get great pleasure from working with blueprints. When I sit down with layouts and I’m facilitating functions, solutions, furniture and details, I really enjoy myself.