B. Crona

+47 92 66 46 23

Interior architect MNIL

Graduate of Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2014

A Propos

Natashas master project dealt with student accommodation. She had two years previous experience with another design office before joining IARK.



Natasha B. Crona AV

Mona Jacobsen

What’s important for you as an interior designer?

We must always have people as the centre for our focus. Spaces profoundly affect the people who use them, so it’s essential to create environments that are good to be in. Only then can people give their best, either at work or in the private sphere. Our job is to plan and design for our clients’ specific needs, and to facilitate effective working routines. I believe in sustainability rather than fashionable trends – only enduring solutions are good enough in the end.

What inspires you as an interior designer?

To see ideas taking form - just starting with concepts and sketches which later materialise as rooms or spaces is very motivating. In this profession, no two jobs are alike - all clients are unique, as are the resulting plans. Interior design is constantly evolving and I learn something new every day. Even when on holiday I can find inspiration, especially when travelling and meeting other cultures.