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Interior architect MNIL

Graduate of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Milano 2007

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Nanna previously worked for many years’ at an architectural office. She believes that this closely-rated profession has given her much valuable experience to bring to IARK.



Nanna Lersbryggen AV

Mona Jacobsen

What interests you most about interior design?

I’m interested in cooperation between people. A good relationship between client and interior designer gives the best results. Any place of work is a meeting place for a company’s most important assets – the employees. It’s not my job to claim ownership for a project - the solution should represent the client’s wishes, ambitions and goals. However, by using my professional competence and creativity, I can enrich a project so that users enjoy being there and even feel at home. The client feels a part of the result, and is proud of it. In this way I can create a physical environment that contributes to both efficiency and enthusiasm.

What’s the best thing about being an interior designer?

Being allowed to create spaces with a client - from a naked building site to the final furnishing and fittings – is just fantastic. I can influence not only effective work-flow, focus, cooperation and well-being, but also corporate profiling and image. They say that a building should last 100 years, well, the interior should too! As interior designers we create lasting values – it’s a humbling thought.