Døhlie Heck

 +47 90 03 12 30

Interior architect MNIL, partner

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen, 1990

A Propos

Monica has a broad professional experience with user processes. In collaboration with qualified building contractors she has been involved in many high profile corporate relocations and complex construction projects during the past 20 years.



Monica Døhlie Heck AV

Jonas Parmann

What is your expertise?

I handle conventional interior projects for companies of various sizes, as well as being involved in designing and marketing office buildings for landlords in cooperation with brokers, targeting potential tenants; it’s within this particular field that I have special expertise. I understand each step of the way, all the complexities surrounding the marketing and sales processes, including both the building owner’s and potential tenants’ requirements and needs. It’s important to focus on achieving a solution that both the landlord and tenant are pleased with and that both parties agree are optimal to the tenant at present and for the future.

What do you want your clients to experience when they meet IARK?

Honesty, I want them to understand that our primary concern is what’s in their best interests; that our vision is to identify how new interiors and better solutions can help them develop and move forward as a business.

What do you find most interesting in your work as an interior designer?

All the people I meet and get to work for and collaborate with. We work with an incredibly wide variety of businesses in many different fields with numerous levels of skills and capabilities. I learn something new from every client I’m involved with, and that to me is incredibly interesting and fulfilling.