Olav Dybdal

+47 47 41 67 24

Furniture designer and interior architect MA

MA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation 2011

A Propos

Beside working as an interior architect at IARK, Lars Olav also has his own design studio where he develops furniture and interior products.



Lars Olav Dybdal AV

Mona Jacbosen

What do you think is the most fun to work with?

I have a great affinity for designing custom made, sustainable solutions based on the wishes and needs of customers. This has of course to do with my background in furniture and product design. The solutions have to be based on a thorough process where collaboration with our customer is key. To include the user gives them ownership of what I deliver. That's how they are happy with the result. The entire process, from the first conversation, the surveys, and analyses, and on to the sketches and finally the finished product, is very satisfying to me.

What motivates you?

In our line of work we really have to learn new things all the time in order to be able to understand our clients’ needs and wishes, and also to be able to deliver a good solution. That is motivating in itself. And it is of course very inspiring to see one of our designs contribute to more well-being and a better day to day life for our clients.