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Interior architect MNIL

Graduate of Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2013

A Propos

Jorunn is interested in knowledge-sharing, and her master’s thesis was about the physical space for this activity – the library. She is currently a member of IARK’s environmental group.



Jorunn Rage AV

Mona Jacobsen

What do you like best about being an interior designer?

There’s a lot to enjoy in this profession because it’s so varied. I like doing custom design for furniture, and it’s inspiring to sit with clients and discuss organising of space and functions. It’s fascinating to follow each step of the way from original idea down to the smallest interior details. All users have different and unique needs, and the results are never the same. It’s difficult to describe the feeling you get when a client is pleased with the final result.

What is your motivation in the field of interior design?

Furniture and interiors give plenty of scope for making good ‘green’ choices. Sustainable products and materials are timeless, and have a low impact on the environment. High quality combined with a long lifetime is also economically profitable. Each project is a meeting between the client’s wishes and needs, and the interior designer’s knowledge and competence. What we know about materials, reuse, lighting and durability can reduce a project’s environmental footprint, and I feel a responsibility to share this information with our clients.