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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 1989 from Institute of Furniture Design and Interior Architecture

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Heidi is strong on concepts and has challenged and assisted a great number of customers in over 20 years of professional experience. Three of Heidi Tolo’s projects, the new DNB headquarters in Bjørvika, Voice Norge AS and DnB NOR in Kongensgate 20, Oslo, have been nominated for the industry’s interior design award.



Heidi Tolo AV

Jonas Parmann

What distinguishes you as an interior designer?

I'm quite bold and not afraid of persuading clients to make brave choices. Together we create a common vision for the project. I want to focus on what’s important throughout each individual venture, whilst at the same time staying true to the principles that we agree from the start should set a premise for the layout of the workspaces we create.

What is important to you?

It’s essential that the client establish an ”ownership” regarding the results we achieve. The people, for whom the end product is meant, must have a sufficiently strong sense of ownership that enables them to indentify with the project. That way they can embrace it and refer to any choices we have made as their own. They must absolutely be included in all aspects, so they believe they really have contributed, along with being familiar and confident with the outcome.

What is a well-functioning workspace for you?

I am aware of the fact that more and more companies are calling for additional flexibility, mobility and options. The office has become a place where colleagues can meet to share their knowledge. That being the case, our task is to design the ultimate meeting point for the type of work executed by each of the various companies we find on our client list.