Margrethe Hjermann

+47 48 09 45 40

Interior architect MNIL, 

partner and CEO

Graduated in 1992 from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education

A Propos

Hanne Margrethe Hjermann has been responsible for the completion of various large and complex projects for numerous significant Norwegian companies, both in the corporate and cultural spheres.The solid ties which she’s developed with many clients during more than 20 years of professional experience, are a contributing factor to an ever-increasing demand for her services.



Hanne Margrethe Hjermann AV

Jonas Parmann

What do you find most interesting about being an interior designer?

The environment has a noticeable affect on people; that’s for sure. If you are seated or situated in an environment you appreciate and find comfortable, it affects you in a positive way and thereby affects your performance as well. Which factors determine whether we perceive an environment as comfortable or not? That’s a question I find utterly fascinating and ponder over often.

How would you characterize your strengths?

I’m analytical and can quickly categorize the various perceptions that appear at an initial phase, when we’re communicating with users and ask them to be forthright about their requirements and working patterns. This is a phase when the users give us input regarding their preferences of present day work procedures; what they find functional and most appropriate etc. Based on this input it’s our task then to clarify in what direction we should turn our attention; whether it’s a matter of functionality, working methods, identity or something else. Then we can form a shared vision and agree on a common goal.

What are the strengths of IARK?

We have a healthy prowess in all relevant areas and many colleagues with extensive experience. Some of them have impressive projects under their belts; but all in all we are a united group of skilled employees with a wide variety of interests and expertise. Everyone who works with us is employed for a special reason, and that’s a brilliant competitive edge to have in this market.