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Interior architect MNIL

Graduate of Griffith College Dublin, Ireland 2015

A Propos

For his master’s degree, Gordon made in-depth studies of both sustainable recycling, and ways of refurbishing existing buildings with passive house components. He earned first-class honours for the project. He was also awarded the Griffith College prize for «Best Academic Achievement 2015»



Gordon Brennan AV

Mona Jacobsen

What’s your impression of IARK after working here for such a short time?

I was made very welcome from day one. I’ve already learned a lot and have the impression that I can contribute in my primary areas of interest; custom made furniture and 3D visualising. IARK is a stimulating design office, with many new and challenging projects, where knowledge gained through the master studies can be put to good use.

What’s most important for you as an interior designer?

There are two aspects to have in mind; client and solution. The client identifies needs and requirements, and we as interior designers take these and develop them towards a final project. Communication is vital in order to create layouts, and furnishing, which are uniquely suited to the client in question. It also makes me especially happy if my proposals for sustainable materials are accepted.