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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 1985 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen.

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During her 25 years of professional experience, Elisabeth Trømborg has worked in collaboration with many acclaimed interior architect groups, acquiring a wide range of experience with large, complex projects that require interdisciplinary knowledge. In recent years Elisabeth has primarily focused her efforts and activities on media companies, gaining extensive special competence within this field.



Elisabeth Trømborg AV

Jonas Parmann

What distinguishes you as an interior designer?

My strength is to identify and understand the whole perspective; the overall measures which are necessary to link all aspects of a project together. Depending on the client’s needs and conditions, these measures form the foundations for the solutions and functions that determine the project’s conceptual direction. It’s important to create the best possible conditions for the users main objective, i.e. a productive working environment in pleasant and comfortable surroundings that are well adapted to the tasks they’re designed and meant for. Often we have to deal with the fact that both the client and employees are uncertain about how their working environment will be affected by a move to brand new premises, or when new solutions are installed in their present surroundings. Not everybody is accustomed to making decisions about major interior changes or able to choose between all the relevant options available when new workspaces are created. Uncertainty and conflicting expectations are not uncommon. In these cases we endeavour to place strong emphasis on communicating thoroughly with those concerned, to establish the trust and confidence that is required of everyone affected by such a significant and extensive change. We explain and discuss in detail our methods and priorities and make it clear that we consider it our foremost concern to make wise and bold choices on the client’s and users behalf in absolutely all areas, including the need for quiet zones in which to relax and concentrate.

Which factors do you find inspiring and motivating in your position?

I’m delighted of course when we end up with a final result of well-adapted solutions that have been appropriately designed and well implemented. When the solutions we choose have the desired effect; that being an energised and pleasant working environment, I find my work especially exciting.