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Interior architect MA

Graduate of Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2008

A Propos

Before she came to IARK, Charlotte worked for six years with restaurant design. She has a master’s degree in interior design and has studied both social anthropology and psychology at the University of Oslo.



Charlotte Hagemoen BY

Mona Jacobsen

How would you characterize yourself as an interior architect?

I intend to create something unique for each client, something suited to just them, not a copy of previous projects. I emphasise the analytical phase; who are the clients, what distinguishes them, and what are their needs? Social anthropology and psychology are good tools to have in this phase. The design should be original, personal, and be carried out with a high degree of workmanship. This is how I try to make interesting and lively environments which relate to a client’s needs, history and identity – while always keeping people at the centre.

What motivates you?

I am both curious and inquisitive, and I enjoy the creative process. This job, and working with others gives me plenty of scope to use these qualities. Without a doubt, the best projects are the result of a good relationship and close cooperation between interior architect and client. We listen to the user, and vice versa. The dynamics of this cooperation, and the fact that we finally arrive at the agreed solution, is hugely motivating.