Nøren Eriksen

 +47 99 22 73 04

Interior architect MA

Graduated in 2013 from Aalto University in Helsinki

A Propos

Bente Nøren Eriksen has a diverse international education with a bachelor’s degree from England, a master’s degree from Aalto University in Helsinki as well as having been a student in Australia.



Bente Nøren Eriksen AV

Jonas Parmann

How would you characterize yourself as an interior designer?

I’m a very realistic and practically oriented interior designer; I prefer to think on a grand scale and put strong emphasis on having the big picture clear in my mind during all phases of a project. I’m definitely not a person prone to burying myself in detail when having an overall bird’s eye view is essential to making the right choices. I think it’s important to give any relevant questions attention at the correct time, but without ever letting the final result differ from the image I have in my mind.

What’s an important challenge for an interior designer?

It’s our job to think ahead, and to make our clients realize that we are not working in the past just addressing today and yesterday’s procedures, we are doing our utmost to create sustainable solutions for the future. It’s not always obvious to everyone that we are creating an office for tomorrow. However, if the client realizes that there is more to achieve by being forward-minded, then he or she will quickly become aware that there is more to gain rather than lose by considering how you can alter your procedures to become more productive. It can be quite a challenge convincing clients who think that moving is just a matter of changing location, to become aware of the fact that such a case seldom happens. But it’s very important to help them acknowledge the ways in which they can benefit from the move itself. It’s a reality that the working environment is constantly changing. The technology we have today is far more advanced than what it was 15 years ago. The way we communicate with the tools we use for interaction has been revolutionized. It’s important not to forget that we can always create a more efficient working environment.