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Interior architect

Graduated in 2009 from Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona

A Propos

Åsa Forsberg has extensive professional experience from projects in the corporate sector, competitions and marketing processes. Åsa is also vastly adept with various 2D and 3D visualization and drawing tools.



Åsa Forsberg AV

Jonas Parmann

What is your strength as an interior designer?

I get great satisfaction from working in 3D and with technical drawing, and appreciate the importance of exploring various solutions to see how they fit and relate to each other. Once you have gone through all the various options, you have a much stronger foundation for making good choices and sustainable decisions. The tools available today are very resourceful in guiding us both visually, and for information gathering purposes. When it comes to the technical aspects regarding this kind of work, one can never become too bogged down; therefore it’s only natural that I have my primary resources in this field. In addition I think it’s important to be efficient, organized and bold enough to challenge the client if I think that a solution we have chosen is not the most optimal. This can be quite tricky at times because the balance in a good and successful facilitating process lies somewhere in-between listening to others, whilst relying on and trusting your own gut instincts and opinions. I must never forget what the clients’ requirements and needs are; after all they are the people that have to live with the final result.

What do you appreciate most in the work you do?

As an interior designer you’re involved in a multitude of tasks and face new challenges each and every day. I must always be on my toes, striving for new information and upgrading my skills on a continuous basis, and when we are working as interdisciplinary as we do here at IARK, the return I get is extremely gratifying; I find this opportunity to enhance my expertise hugely inspiring, but the greatest pleasure of all is to see the work you have done materialise into physical form. That’s a delight and very educational at the same time.