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Interior architect MNIL, partner

Graduated in 2011 from Oslo National Academy of Arts

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Since being affiliated with IARK, Anders Stenbeck-Askheim has immersed himself in user processes relating to organizational development and reorganization procedures. In addition to his degree from Oslo National Academy of Arts, Anders Stenbeck-Askheim has a master in furniture design and interior architecture.



Anders Stenbeck-Askheim AV

Jonas Parmann

What is most important for you as an interior designer?

Making sure users feel involved throughout the whole project is a primary concern when it comes to succeeding with a project. A development process is time consuming, hence there’s a risk that the users priorities are ignored, or at least not your main focus all the time. If such a scenario were to occur, then you could soon end up with solutions that are not in the users best interest. Therefore it’s imperative to me that the users requirements and needs are at the centre of my attention when choices and decisions are being made. This is essential and more crucial to me than anything else.

What makes a good workspace in your opinion?

A good solution must always be rooted in a user process; the analytical phase where we identify user requirements and working methods. If you have confidence in the user process you have implemented, you can also feel assured that the decisions you have made in collaboration with the user are actually in his or her best interest, and therefore the most suitable in achieving the desired outcome.

What motivates you?

The fact that I find meaning and value in the work I do and thoroughly believe in the projects I’m involved with. I think this is of utmost importance for both myself, and the clients I assist. I get great satisfaction and feel very motivated when I am working alongside a number of different people who all share one common vision - to create the best conditions for maximum productivity and a pleasing working atmosphere. I consider IARK to be a bold and forward thinking company that gives new employees confidence by providing them with responsibility. It’s demanding work, but very rewarding indeed.