IARK was established in 2011 by some of Norway’s most experienced interior architects. Today we have 30 enthusiastic and comptetent employees.

We analyse before we design, and our ideas and solutions are firmly anchored with our clients. We deliver everything from workspace development to furniture design, and we are specialists in the field of universal design.


It is said that motivated people get the job done, but inspired people change the world. We inspire and we are inspired every day. Close collaboration with clients is challenging and makes us better. If we manage to create room to release creative energy and create opportunities rather than limitations, then we are satisfied. And if we don’t exactly manage to change the world, at least we inspire our clients to see different possibilities and angles that they may not otherwise have seen.


We are proud to say that we are the leading experts on workplace development in this country, and we have a broad range of experience with executing some of Norway’s most successfull moving processes. We believe that one of the most important roles of the modern office is to be a meeting place, a place we interact with others and create a platform for business development, efficiency and positive profilation. The primary focus is shifted from squaremeters to points of contact. We contribute to increased productivity and employee involvement by creating spaces that support the company’s greater goals and work processes.


Our profession is about inspiring and taking responsibility. It’s about exploring and challenging, so that we may create spaces with potential to change and improve the way we live, learn, and work. At IARK we encourage discussion, experimentation and development. We like to move borders and challenge conventional thinking and routines within our trade, in order to achieve the best possible result for our client. We know that every project rests on the shoulders of the previous one, but at the same time we challenge the work that has come before. We create security and the possibility for innovation.


We are curious interior architects and we love to challenge our own ideas and those of others. We honour our clients by being thorough, and we find motivation in improving ourselves in order to deliver the right result for our clients. We believe that the best solutions are created by a dynamic process, where varying skills inspire and complement each other. This is why we put together teams of employees with different expertise for every single task. That is how we hope to achieve timeless solutions in harmonious balance between function and aesthetics.


Sustainability is key in our fundamental approach and the way we solve our tasks. We see it as our responsibility to contribute constructively, so that our projects rest on a sustainable foundation from the drawing table to its implementation. Conscious use of materials and resources is the corner stone of sustainable architecture. For us sustainability is about creating spaces that are meaningful for the environment and for the people who inhabit them. This creates longterm value for everyone involved.

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