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Common area and exchange of knowledge

Common area and exchange of knowledge

On the 27th April the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) had its first working day in new premises at Skøyen, shaped and formed by IARK.

SPK’s 450 employees have taken over both the first and second floor. The new workplaces enable modern ways of working and the use of advanced technology, and allow for both teamwork and exchange of knowledge as well as quiet areas for concentration. Various open solutions are adapted for different tasks and employees, for example scrum team, flexible team or project workplaces.

SPK demanded uniform interior solutions so that different work units could be moved without the need for rebuilding or refurnishing. Colours and materials relate to SPK’s brand and identity and the wish for a timeless, functional and easily read concept. Furniture in whitened ash and woollen textiles in red and aubergine work well with the building’s fine details.

Norwegian Property is the owner of Verkstedveien 1 at Skøyen and the building was designed by the architectural company a-lab.

Photo: Ina Wesenberg

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