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A HQ with Fossils

A HQ with Fossils

In August of 2013, PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services) finally moved into their new HQ in Oslo, Norway. The new headquarters will serve an active part in profiling the company as a world leader in offshore technology and expertise.

IARK has been responsible for the programming phase in which PGS’ requirements for the new premises were identified, and we have since carried out all the interior design for each workspace, with special focus on PGS’ user processes.

We have also addressed tenants’ requirements during the construction activities. Through in-depth collaboration with user representatives from PGS, we have also developed solutions for better work processes that are adaptable to future demands.

PGS called for innovative and modern facilities. Through our work with the interiors and physical layout, as well as design of the workspaces, we have improved internal communication and simultaneously reinforced PGS’ core values:

- Maintaining high standards of corporate governance, personal and corporate conduct

- Commitment to providing a safe working environment for employees

- Recognizing that environmental impact is a collective responsibility, not only for individuals but also for governments, companies and society

PGS’s new headquarters has become a modern building that clearly reflects and bolsters the company’s identity and activities, along with reinforcing PGS’s position in the global market.

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